2 Colours | 3 Dimensions Exhibition

'Stephen Chan and Friends Presents' is the first exhibition developed and curated by illustrator and graphic designer 'Stephen Chan'. He has drawn together 30+ creatives around the theme of Anaglyph / Red and Blue, exploring illusions and 3D effects along with a visual narrative of 'Opposition and Harmony'. Stephen Chan and Friends brings: Animation, Surrealism and Papercraft to the table all in the vibrant setting of 'Hong Kong' at the serene cafe / gallery 'Odd One Out'

The artwork was subtly arranged in to the shape of a 'Giant Eye'
I designed a set of Wall & Floor vinyl decals 'The Walls Have Eyes' - roughly relating to the theme of the exhibition, of sight and illusion. They sit in between the framed artworks to give an extra dimension, fun and an idea of the artwork watching you watching them.
\ \ PAPER TOY / /
Another idea inspired by the '2 Colour / 3 Dimensions' theme. A 'Papertoy' made of 2 parts that can exist separately or connected. I had the idea for a papertoy that separated in half, but didn't have the time to further develop the idea. This show, being a collaboration of friends, I decided to share the idea with Tougui, (one of the best papertoy artists in Europe) to take advantage of his experience and skills. Tougui didn't fail to deliver, taking the seed of the idea and making it his own.
Participating artists include:
Bubble Friends, Cloud Commission, Mr the Beef, Mister Millerchip, Tim Cockburn, FiST, Will Scobie, Sam Peet, Patrick Schmidt, Dominic Le-Hair, Peskimo, Natsuki Otani, Tougui, Zutto, Yema Yema, ph7labs, Jessica Fortner, Sokkuan, Kuanth, Martojaks, Dan Matutina, Kristopher Ho, Stephen Chan, and more

Clarissa Gonzalez, Sparkle VFX, Draw and Code, Rethunk Animation, Broken Antler, Stephen Chan.

Papertoy sculpture template:
Tougui, Stephen Chan.

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